Monday, August 31, 2015

What's with the name?

Like to write and wouldn't mind making money at it, but also can't handle pushy or many ideas about how you sell things which I think were really about lessons from how television did things. And yes, television could push commercials on millions of people and actually sell things that way to pay for the content, but on the web pushy doesn't work the same way, which I'll leave as a blanket statement, though I know it's true with me.

So, am focusing just here on writing for what I call commercial purposes, which just means building an audience.

Why would building an audience be for commercial purposes?

Well why else does anyone build an audience?

If you want to talk to your friends and family, that's easy enough. If you want lots and LOTS of people showing up to read what you write, then I am very skeptical if you claim there's no interest in making money from that interest. Maybe if you're a government entity? Even a non profit will probably be asking for donations.

But what's in it for the people who show up?

Well I think people are very good at figuring out why they show up for something.

So the reason for the name is this blog is actually about building an audience in contrast with my other writing across the web. For that reason it actually has a schedule, which covers both posting and checks on its health. Right now have 23 pageviews at this writing, which is ok as just starting. And will show pageviews through the first 3 months, after which I'm sure they'll go away. Either the blog will be gone with them or it will still be moving along.

The structure right now has scheduled posting on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, with posting on Sunday to address issues related to the blog itself if I feel a need. And am sure will feel a need for a while.

On any other day MAY post if the spirit moves me, and it is consistent with direction of the blog. But also if there is major success might be days to handle other types of postings.

The blog has a page covering things like endorsements where now have none. If that changes will update that page.

This blog is relying on my content as it IS monetarily focused. Which to me means not linking to anything other than my content to keep it simple. If there are mentions of products or services and links then I'm setting it down now that there should be some money attached and that MUST be disclosed.

Right now there is no mechanism setup for that to happen from me, so my actual posts should be clear of any products or services. But hey would be great to get some deals down the line. But I am so picky, and nothing pushy. Will not be about forcing anything on anyone or trying to sell them.

There are ads through AdSense. But, you know, whatever. There is a privacy page posted, and options there.

And that's all I can think of, at the moment, but I think I covered a lot.

James Harris