Sunday, August 21, 2016

Feeling good about format

For me so much is about figuring out a sustainable framework for this blog that can fulfill all my goals for it. And feel good about a format where, if announced on Sunday, have scheduled postings Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Where other days are more free, and since is supposed to be commercial decided Tuesday was designated promotional.

Have an idea that Friday should be focused on discussion, which is kind of next area have been thinking on more. Though it also is just a lot about numbers. If draw enough people here then yeah, there'd be comments.

And Sunday is more informative about the blog, and Saturday has been a rest day with nothing but really is a free day so that can change.

Gave myself enough subject areas to keep it interesting to me, and we'll see if draws enough interest from others.

There have been long pauses between postings which is about me figuring things out. Which is also why not doing active promotion for the blog.

But have been gratified by there being interest so far. Am really wanting something that doesn't fit prior molds and MOST importantly is not obnoxiously pushy, as I don't think that's necessary.

Am focused on the notion that can have a blog that makes money and is mostly fun anyway.