Friday, September 16, 2016

More talk why not

So linked my Pinterest account to this blog yesterday which felt like a good idea, as is more in line with what I tend to pin, and today is supposed to be a day for me to focus on getting discussion going so may as well mention.

And yeah really am curious about Pinterest more and more so may see how to be more social with it as to what people. Um, for those who are curious at least before the switch to this blog as not sure how that might impact traffic, top countries for my Pinterest audience? US, is by far biggest, but is followed by Canada, Brazil, Australia and Italy as top 5 right now. But I have 21 followers right now and I follow 35. So yeah Pinterest fascinates me in not mysterious ways. Audience views of course is about pins and repins, and have one repin I did, which took off and got repinned thousands of times, so not sure how that really means that audience even knows about me? Just this repin popping up all over?

Would be so nice to have someone really explain Pinterest who really knows.

Am much into curation realized. I like finding things that interest me, and collecting that where can swiftly scan and will admit audience info tilts that towards things of mutual interest it would seem with that audience, which is fun.

Very different from other web presence though as for instance on other blogs am heavy into math and science, and politics! Where here and on Pinterest find I have focused very differently like much fashion. I puzzle over why about my own behavior, which I see as very meta. But I like to just look at things, get a feeling and wonder why. But oh yeah am really into photography so it does make sense.

And just chattering. So idea is to figure out how to get more interaction here and kind of just trying things without worrying too much on the details. And at least am doing SOMETHING and will figure it out.

Any comments appreciated. Oh and questions too. But also explanations of things, like if you're on Pinterest. And that's enough talk for me for here this Friday.