Monday, October 12, 2015

Seasons, change and rain

That shift from the weekend to the week is one transition. For many that need to get to work on Monday gives a chance to watch others, like the seasons. But seasons give that other depending on where you are.

Starker transitions of the four seasons in the US are on the East Coast while there is the roughly two season reality of most of the West.

Like those days I'd find myself buying an umbrella in San Francisco!

Here's a picture from one of my favorite such days though it was in February, the rainy season could kind of wax and wane at times:

After some early morning rain. Photo mine.
Days I would end up with a new umbrella would start the same. Walk out the door, see it was kind of cloudy but didn't really feel like it would rain? Go back and get an umbrella? Or no? Ok, would decide would risk it. And on the bus, where things are fine until your stop and then down it comes.

Rush to a store where they have a special rack out now full of umbrellas. Buy one, go out, walk a bit, and the rain stops.

And I went to Yerba Buena Gardens, and took a photo with my smartphone.

That was such a fun day.

James Harris